LG reveals world's first 88-inch, 8K, OLED television ahead of CES

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In addition, OLED TVs have consistently won top rankings in quality and performance evaluations conducted in North America, Europe and elsewhere. Currently, Samsung is the lone maker of the 5.8-inch OLED panels Apple uses in the iPhone X, the first phone from Apple to use OLED display technology. LG has just announced its bringing a new OLED display to CES 2018, and the new panel is a doozy.

LG Display says that this massive screen is part of its commitment to lead the high-end premium TV market, and notes that this product reaches the 8K resolution without having to compromise in brightness.

However, further reports reveal that the possible price hike of 8K displays, especially one that is 88-inches wide, might compliment by a more affordable price range for 4K displays. For context, LG's current 77-inch OLED costs $10,000.

LG Display wants to quickly prepare itself for mass-production so that it will be able to supply Gen 6 OLED panels to Apple starting in Q4 of this year.

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Technology websiteEngadget reported that the TV is the largest and highest-resolution OLED screen to date.

The 88-inch 8K OLED display can be seen at LG Display's booth (#N 228) in the North Hall Meeting Room of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES this month. Meanwhile, rival Samsung has moved on to QLED TVs. Back in 2016, the Korean company showcased a fully functional rollable OLED panel.

The LG unit can handle 7680 x 4320 pixels (33 million pixels) and is thus technically ready for 8K transmissions due from Japan's NHK later this year. OLED display panels are renowned for their vivid colours and deep blacks as pixels are individually lit and can be turned completely off for black. Apple has also managed to tune the display the offer up a heightened color balance, and no ghosting or burn in issues. According to Engadget, which first reported on this, LG will be showcasing the 8K resolution OLED display at CES.