Hyundai Nexo: A Big Sign Of FCEV Revolution?

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"I think Toyota is working really hard, and BMW and VW are also very interested in this area, so all other makers, they know how important EV and fuel cell EV are", he added. NEXO has now taken over that position for Hyundai and has been created to impress.

Hyundai has revealed that its new hydrogen-powered SUV will be called Nexo and pack semi-autonomous driving systems.

For years, a number of auto manufacturers have been pushing fuel cell e-vehicles in the mainstream market.

Dubbed as NEXO, this vehicle picks up where the Tucson FCEV left off. The new Nexo is a sports utility vehicle that uses artificial intelligence, voice commands, and is capable of being transformed into an unmanned or autonomous auto.

Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure is now spartan in Australia, with only one station based at HMCA's headquarters in Macquarie Park, Sydney, which was built for the single imported ix35 Fuel Cell.

Hyundai Nexo: A Big Sign Of FCEV Revolution?
Hyundai Nexo: A Big Sign Of FCEV Revolution?

While extreme weather can be a stumbling block for fuel-cell-powered vehicles, the Nexo is capable of starting within 30 seconds after being exposed to temperatures of -29 degrees Celsius, and can cool itself when temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

According to Hyundai, Nexo was built from the ground up with a fuel cell in mind. In the NEXO, the powertrain is smaller than the one in the Tucson.

As part of the company's recent line of so-called "eco-vehicles", Hyundai sees hydrogen as the future in this field.

Nexo, the fuel cell vehicle, offers up a futuristic look at mobility - but with limited availability thanks to the slow distribution of charging stations.

The Nexo will be available in selected markets early this year - there's no word on pricing yet, or indeed if it will even come to the UK. Hyundai has said that it plans to sell the Nexo in California later this year; a seemingly bold move to compete with battery-powered e-vehicles in the region.

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