Hulu and Steven Spielberg are bringing back 'Animaniacs'

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"Now one of the most beloved, inventive and amusing animated franchises in history, Animaniacs and its cast of witty characters can live on, on Hulu". Hulu also added that as of today, subscribers to Hulu can watch all 99 episodes of Animaniacs along with Tiny Toon Adventures, Pinky and the Brain and the spin-off Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. Animation and Warner Digital Series, and Amblin Television Co-Presidents Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank will also serve as executive producers.

Yakko, Wakko, Dot and the rest of the wide cast of "totally insaney" characters will be returning for a two-season order on the streaming service.

Animaniacs, the animated kids' show starring three toon siblings who are possibly cats, possibly dogs, or possibly a nightmare combination of both, is coming to Hulu with brand-new episodes. Animation and Amblin Television.

Which cult kids series won more Emmys than The Wire, had a full 35-piece orchestra and reportedly cost half a million per episode to make?

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Yakko, Wakko and Dot are ready to break out of the Warner Bros.

"I am so pleased and proud that "Animaniacs" will have a home at Hulu", stated Spielberg. Steven Spielberg, the executive producer of the original series, will return as the executive producer of the new seasons.

Reboots and revivals continue to remain in high demand as broadcasters and streaming platforms alike look for proven titles with an ability to cut through a crowded landscape that is approaching 500 scripted originals. We have no idea if the show will focus explicitly on the Warner brothers (and the Warner sister) or will also feature segments that star other popular Animaniacs characters such as Pinky, the Brain, Slappy Squirrel, Skippy Squirrel, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, Hello Nurse, Ralph T. Guard, the Goodfeathers, Rita, Runt, Buttons, Mindy, Minerva Mink, and the Wheel of Morality.

In addition to announcing the new series, Hulu and Warner Bros.