Here's the Latest on Trump's DACA Legal Battle

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When asked by host Mary Walter what the White House will be able to negotiate with if they give in to Democrats on DACA, Shah said, "I think Democrats have a whole host of priorities on immigration reform".

"There are a lot of us on the border who understand the border very well", he said.

But he thrust that commitment into doubt briefly on Tuesday when he appeared to suggest - during an extraordinary public negotiation with members of Congress at he White House - that he would deal with the so-called DREAMers first and come back to the wall later.

The preliminary injunction (PDF) issued Tuesday by U.S. District Judge William Alsup remains in effect during litigation in five consolidated lawsuits that challenge the government's decision to wind down the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). President Trump summoned lawmakers from both parties yesterday to discuss crafting a bill for people who were illegally brought here as children - the so called Dreamers.

The President hopes to advance towards legislation that ensures border security, ends chain migration, does away with the visa lottery programme and tackles the DACA issue in a responsible manner, she added. We are at a deal.

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President Donald Trump has slammed a bipartisan immigration deal proposed by six senators to protect young "Dreamer" immigrants in the United States, calling it a big step backward.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, the second ranking member of Senate Republicans, says he'd be surprised if an immigration deal can be completed by then.

The government is set to run out of funding on January 19, and the uncertain future of these young immigrants is a major roadblock in negotiations. Their parents could get renewable legal status although they couldn't become citizens. It also would dramatically boost border security and immigration enforcement. Just 24 hours earlier he had said that he would not sign any bill to codify DACA that did not include funding for the border wall. I want to fund our military, not do a Dem defund.

The Wall Street Journal quoted him Thursday as saying in an interview that Mexico can pay for a wall through the North American Free Trade Agreement. If you asked him to name the statutory or constitutional authority that gives him the power to rescind DACA protections, he would not have the first clue what they are (to be clear, he nearly certainly does have such authority, but he has no idea why or how). Under the administrations plan, permits that expired after March 5 could not be renewed.