Google mulls Assistant shopping in war with Alexa

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The website will debut a "recognisable" aesthetic across its hardware family, with Google Assistant the unifying factor.

The Windows 10 availability of Amazon Alexa is also likely to make things tougher for Google Assistant and Apple's Siri that both are yet to gain traction in the desktop market. It can also display weather information, news stories and make-up tutorials. "If not for the ability of Amazon Echo and Google Home to listen, these things would become nothing more than doorstops and paperweights". We're still in early days here - but a head start is extremely important when it comes to ecosystems.

That's also the case with Google's smart displays, which for the most part uses visuals as a supplement to the voice-driven Google Assistant. A two-finger swipe on the touchpad built into the right side of the glasses takes you to the home screen, while a one finger swipe advances you through UI, with a single-tap used for making selections.

Google's First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound embeds Google Assistant along with a full speaker into a ceiling mounted smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

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The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display starts at $US249.99 and the 8-inch model starts at $US199.99, both expected to be available within the next few months. While those consumer electronics categories are still well represented at the annual technology convention in Las Vegas, they are overshadowed by autonomous auto, artificial intelligence, computers, apps, AR, VR, health trackers, drones, and more, to name just a tiny few categories. 64% of those who responded in the survey are using the device for smart home functionality and 66% said they wanted to entertain using the speakers with music and other content. This redesign will place Google Assistant at the centre of it the company's digital retail experience. While the company did not launch any major new products, the company did announce its intention to jump onto the smart speakers and voice assistant bandwagon. "We are continuing to talk to Google", Whitten said. You don't have to think about using your Smart Display.

But these smart products can - and sometimes do - support multiple assistants. "We wanted this to be instead you're having a conversation and the display enhances it, so a lot of the work is going to ensure we maintain that simplicity".

According to people with familiar with Google's plan, the company is concerned about losing market share to Amazon.

The only possible competitor to Alexa at this point is Google Home, but Alexa has a huge lead: over 4,000 devices can now be controlled by Alexa, the company said, while Google's total is around 1,500.