'Fahrenheit 451' Starring Michael B Jordan, Michael Shannon Debuts a Teaser Trailer

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Sofia Boutella ("The Mummy", "Kingsman: The Secret Service") stars as Clarisse, an informant caught between the competing interests of Montag and Beatty.

"I have always loved Ray Bradbury's prophetic novel Fahrenheit 451", writer-director Ramin Bahrani said in a press release from HBO.

"I was really excited to find this script", Cherne said in a recent interview about the January 21 ATP production at The Brickhouse.

"Politically things are going in a very unusual direction in terms of what is real and what is not real", he continued. Bahrani was instantly drawn to the material's relevance to our modern times, even with the advent of the internet since the source material was written-which certainly changes how you have to navigate the issues held within the text.

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Fahrenheit 451 also stars Michael Shannon and Sofia Boutella and premieres on HBO this Spring. Between the technological advancements in the last 20 years and politics, Bradbury's biggest concern about the erosion of culture is now.

"Bradbury said we asked for this". "Later, he said what he really was concerned about was people living in an electronic media environment where interpersonal contact is limited and we relate more to our screens than we do to each other".

"Knowledge is risky. Every book is like a loaded gun", a quick clip of the show professes. There was no reason to put it in the future; it's just [set in] a odd tomorrow. "He was anxious about reader's digest, he was concerned about quick short soundbites". Readers Digest, quick short soundbites, destroying the concept of reading, thinking and knowledge, he said. [We] get into tweets and Wiki entries, which are shorter versions of Reader's Digest. I think we're all guilty of reading the headlines... That goes to what one of the things I think is different between Bradbury's novel and 1984. As soon as we have a specific release date, we'll let you know.