Diet Coke releases FOUR fruity new flavours in 'Instagram-ready' slim cans

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Diet Coke may be the newly discovered secret to ridiculously long life - and this week brings even more refreshing news (see what we did there?) for the brand: Soon the company will unveil four new flavors of the soda, which was created in 1982.

Another said: "Really happy about the new Diet Coke flavours". Diet Coke will still come in standard 12-ounce cans, as well as other sizes, such as bottles and mini-cans. The revamped can and additional flavors - ginger lime, feisty cherry, twisted mango and zesty blood orange - will hit store shelves in mid-January. Coca-Cola said they spent years trying out more than 30 different combinations - from tropical to citrus to botanical - and tested them on more than 10,000 people when picking the new flavors. The taste of the plain Diet Coke will stay the same, the Atlanta company said.

Almost a year ago Coca-Cola revealed a new "one brand" marketing approach to counteract the brand's diluted presence on shelf.

With flavoured sparkling water drinks like La Croix and S. Pellegrino growing in popularity, Diet Coke's latest move is a way to keep up with the changing trends in flavours and packaging.

Coca-Cola just announced that the zero-calorie drink is getting a skinny makeover and four new flavors, both set to launch this month.

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Several other institutional investors have also recently made changes to their positions in COKE.

This company has listened to fans, and has chose to bring back Diet Coke's original formula, while also bringing four fruity new flavors.

Coke says the new look could help attract new drinkers beyond the product's core consumers. "We're building a portfolio for the future with great-tasting options people want".

The new look also features a dynamic asset Sommerville and his team named the "High Line": a vertical red band that flows through Diet Coke packaging and into all communications, from outdoor advertising to social media.

Expect a slightly taller, slimmer can with a new design.