Colombian Vice President Tells UN about Peace Process

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Colombia reached an historic peace agreement with the nation's largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, in late 2016, ending Latin America's longest-running conflict.

In a series of tweets posted to her account, Cordoba offered to broker the negotiations between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army or ELN.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is heading to Colombia this weekend to support peace efforts amid growing concerns about the reintegration of FARC rebels into civil society and new attacks by the last rebel holdouts. The Security Council reiterated its support for the peace process in Colombia, welcomed Guterres' trip and praised commitment of the government and FARC to the peace agreement. "Inexplicably, the ELN not only refused, but resumed its terrorist attacks this morning, just the day on which the new cycle of negotiations", Santos said Wednesday in a statement to the country.

Colombia's military and ELN rebels resumed hostilities on Wednesday after failing to agree to an extension of a bilateral ceasefire, in spite of pleas by victims and the global community to maintain a ceasefire. The dialogues have been rocky from the get-go, and InSight Crime's research suggests that the ELN have been in expansion mode despite their calls for an end to the conflict.

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Nonetheless, he said, "we stand ready to do all we can in order to ensure that that cease-fire can continue". Members expressed regret at the ELN attacks and said they hope the government and rebel group will resume work on renewing and strengthening the ceasefire.

"I'm convinced that the bilateral ceasefire should be extended and hostilities should end" tweeted, the current Colombian presidential candidate, Piedad Cordoba on Wednesday. "We are peacemakers and peacebuilders".

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos condemned the violence and asked the government's head negotiator in the ELN peace talks, Gustavo Bell, to return to Bogotá from Quito, Ecuador, reportedly to debate whether or not to continue the negotiations.

"The next few months must be the opportunity to "turn the corner" as it were and establish what is still a fragile process on a more durable base", Arnault told the council. But peace is reached with will and concrete facts of peace. The secretary-general is scheduled to travel to Meta, in central Colombia, to visit a site set up to help FARC rebels reintegrate.