Bryan Fuller is working on the Vampire Chronicles TV series

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Fuller's involvement with the project was revealed by Amy Powell, president of Paramount Television and Digital Entertainment, in a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Considering he's now gone from American Gods (after the first season) and Star Trek: Discovery (before it truly began), and we haven't had an update on that Amazing Stories revival in a while, there is definitely room for Fuller to take on a new project.

But he is helping Anne and Chris Rice write the pilot, and it's hard to imagine a better marriage of personal quirks and source material. It looks like Bryan Fuller is going to help out on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles TV show from Paramount (which optioned all 11 books last year).

There is no release date or casting information for the TV adaptation of the series.

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Back in November 2016, rights to the characters of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series of books had reverted back to the author who expressed her interest in turning her series into a TV show.

"Today I'm thrilled to inform you that the young man of which I speak is Bryan Fuller... the opportunity he asked for all those years ago has finally arrived", Christopher Rice said. Bryan and I will be together tonight, along with our friend and fellow writer, Eric Shaw Quinn, at the Hollywood premiere of THE ALIENIST, another eagerly anticipated adaptation of a popular novel, and a show that we're sure will demonstrate to all why Paramount and Anonymous are the ideal home for Lestat and all of his fledglings, fellow vampires and rivals. His wild gothic nightmare series Hannibal drew influence from Rice's books, particularly the turbulent relationship between vampires Louis and Lestat, as it did Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series.

You might want to sit down for this one. Hopefully he'll stick around and lend his distinct voice to The Vampire Chronicles as well.