Lawyer denies sex misconduct allegations against U of M basketball player

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"He fully cooperated with the university investigation on his own, without a lawyer", Pacyga said of Lynch, a 6-foot-10 center from Edina.

This comes after John Shipley of the Pioneer Press reported Thursday the EOAA recommended Lynch be suspended until August 2020 for violating the school's sexual misconduct policy in a separate incident that occurred in the spring of 2016.

"(Lynch) didn't do much yesterday just because I'm more focused on the guys who are playing more than anything", Pitino said.

"There might be a little bit of a hysteria going on in our rush and our desire to correct prior wrongs and our increased awareness of sexual assault", Pacyga said.

While the appeals process continues, Lynch has been suspended from competition by the athletics department but still allowed to practice with the team.

Pacyga compared the accusations against Lynch and the current climate towards sexual misconduct to the hysteria that led to Japanese internment camps during World War II.

Pacyga went on to say he was not "taking down" the #MeToo movement because "he has a daughter".

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Pacyga wouldn't provide details but called it a "she said, he said" situation made more hard because the allegations were made months after the incidents and key evidence is no longer available.

Their decision came a day after the EOAA notified two women of findings that Lynch was responsible in their two separate sexual assault allegations from April 2016. She also said she was "appalled and traumatized" by the way he talked about the case "with no respect for me as a victim, or any regard for how this would impact me". Pacyga said Lynch declined to travel for the Gophers' game against Northwestern Wednesday at 8 p.m., but a University spokesperson said Lynch did not have a choice.

Via rape survivor and activist Abby Honold, a former University of Minnesota student, the victim in that alleged incident released a statement blasting Pacyga for a violation of privacy. "Because accusers came forward after 18 months, there's no way to collect and test evidence".

Athletes are automatically suspended during criminal investigations, but the athletic director and the coach have discretion on whether to suspend an athlete during or after an EOAA investigation.

A female reporter, visibly offended, responded to Pacyga, saying, "I feel like you're taking down the #MeToo movement". Coach Richard Pitino told the StarTribune he practiced with the team Monday.

Lynch started his college basketball career at Illinois State in 2013.