'Drunk' Russian crashes tank into store, goes shopping

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In perhaps the biggest ever sign of a serious drinking problem, a man in Russian Federation rammed a stolen armored personnel carrier into a grocery store to steal a bottle of wine.

But, let's be honest, what else are you gonna do in a town that's barely south of the Arctic circle?

The man reportedly had trouble turning the tank around while rolling down a narrow street, and crashed into the storefront, running over a parked vehicle in the process.

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The man stole the military vehicle from a military driving school in the Murmansk region, the Guardian reported. It's also quite impressive he managed to drive it and only smash one vehicle (and a supermarket shopfront) in the process.

He then climbed out of the vehicle's hatch, looked at the destruction, and clambered into the store, where he apparently stole a bottle of wine. Reuters notes that witnesses at the scene "did not seem particularly disturbed by the incident".

A drunken man on Wednesday commandeered an armored vehicle and crashed it into a store's window in northwestern Russian Federation, hurting no one, police said. The shop was not licensed to sell alcohol that early in the morning, the agency added.