Celebrity Big Brother: India and Jonny up for eviction

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She said: "I nearly think a guy in this house would feel more comfortable flirting with Shane (Jenek), because he's a gay guy, and they would be less comfortable flirting with me". She said she's gonna come over to the States if I'm home, she's gonna come up and we're gonna hang out.

Malika, Maggie, Shane Jenek, Amanda and Jess are immune from the first eviction, and so therefore cannot be nominated, but they can still participate themselves. I understand the term, but I don't get the statement?' I feel like we're tip toeing...'.

The former BB babe has told readers that the because viewers are voting to save rather than kick out, the controversial journalist India Willoughby, 51, will stay because 26-year-old Jonny just doesn't have the fanbase. They're both adults who have a healthy interest in each other.

And on last night's show, she compared drag to blackface and said it was offensive to her.

Lastly, India nominated Ann and Ginuwine.

But she insisted: "I'm completely clam".

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"If a marriage is between a man and a man and woman and a woman, then why not between one man and two women?" she replied to Courtney, to which she responded: "Marriage has been redefined many times throughout history. But because I'm a trans woman".

"Calling Ginuwine transphobic for not wanting to kiss a trans woman makes as much sense as me trying to kiss a lesbian, getting rejected, then calling her heterophobic", wrote one user.

"I'm not leaving my bed for Ginuwine" as Ashley hugged her and said 'you're not leaving, you're my bed lover.' Ginuwine said: 'Are you actually in bed?

Speaking to the U.S. star in the garden, transgender newsreader Willoughby asked: "Would you go out with a transgender?"

"For some reason we just ended up on the couch last night for hours just talking so we definitely made some type of connection, friends, I don't know, whatever, but we really made a nice connection and I like that".