Bungie outlines its plans for Destiny 2 in 2018

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In addition to expressing outrage over Bungie altering experience gains for players without notice, the more dedicated players found that the Eververse-the in-game microtransaction store-featured many items that were otherwise hard to find on your own. They will now feature mods with Raid-specific perks, and we are adjusting the rewards to ensure a Raid item drops from each major encounter.

Hopefully that means Destiny 2 will be rewarding however you play, as opposed to the situation we're in now, where hardcore players grind public event for XP for loot boxes - and don't do much else, especially after they collect the Raid gear.

Destiny 2 players won't have to worry about a lack of content in 2018. Benedict, the raid vendor, will also directly sell both Leviathan and Eater of Worlds armour and weapons, in exchange for Calus tokens and legendary shards.

January 30 will see the new Master Armor system roll out, which augments your Super abilities with reduced damage intake. The plan includes putting sparrows, ghosts, and ships to achievement reward pools, more direct purchase options, a new way to earn Bright Engrams through gameplay, etc.

Crimson Engrams can also drop from completing the Crimson Days match and from completing the Crimson Days milestone on each character. These items were only found in Bright Engrams prior. Barrett says Bungie is continuing to experiment with potential XP changes, fully cognizant that people are still fired up about the leveling controversy that exploded in December.

Bungie outlines its plans for Destiny 2 in 2018
Bungie outlines its plans for Destiny 2 in 2018

The next update will come in February, though no exact date has been given.

Faction Rallies return next week, and the first rally of 2018 sees players competing for shaders and auto rifles tied to each of the Tower's three factions. But perhaps none are quite as important as the planned alterations to the game's loot box system, called Eververse, which lets players pay money for slot machine-style "engrams" that randomly contain coveted cosmetic items. Bungie warn the scope of the rework "could push parts or all of it out to early spring". So players with a high Valor rank will be those who have played a lot of PvP but aren't necessarily skilled at the Crucible.

Our take: it's all very positive. These will soon be unlocked through activity rewards rather than "Bright Engrams" collected for levelling up.

If those adjustments go as far as Destiny 2's players have wanted ever since the game's launch, they should substantially address the perception that with Destiny 2, Bungie has placed more of a premium on generating income through microtransactions than creating the ideal gameplay experience.

Check out the full post a Bungie.net for more on Bungie's development roadmap.

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