Dell Mobile Connect brings your calls, texts and notifications to your PC

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Once Mobile Connect is installed at the factory (for free) on a Dell XPS, Alienware, Inspiron and Vostro, you can begin the pairing process using a free app on both iOS and Android. However, you are still forced to split your time between your phone and the PC as they are fundamentally different from each other, and don't really work well together most of the time. The app will sync calls and notifications, let you response to them from your PC, and when you're connected to an Android phone, you can mirror the screen completely and give you the ability to navigate apps directly from your computer.

Dell's new Mobile Connect software will let you connect your smartphone to your computer to seamlessly receive calls, texts, and notifications on the PC, the company announced at CES 2018.

Right now, many of these features are available to Windows users, but only through Cortana, and aren't displayed in a fashion like Dell demoed it at CES.

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For example, if you want to book a Uber cab, you can do it from your PC.

While iPhone users can't run full apps on the PC, they can read and respond to texts as well as make and receive calls.

"Based on what I've seen so far, Dell's Mobile Connect software is a powerful and useful way to keep up with your smartphone notifications as you work on your PC", she writes. Dell, meanwhile, is expected to extend the iPhone compatibility by the end of the month. If you're using a new Dell PC, there might be a solution to that. While you need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct to connect, everything else goes through point-to-point connection and not through the Internet or Wi-Fi routers so you're pretty secure. The only things that you can't do, but are offered by Dell Mobile Connect, are support for receiving calls and mirroring apps.