'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi sends letter to kid anxious about regeneration

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He also proclaims that hate is always foolish and love is always kind, which is ironic given how crabby and angry Capaldi's version of the Doctor was early in his tenure on the show. The sequence also gave fans the opportunity to hear some of Whittaker's first words as the 13th Doctor. In particular, the First Doctor is portrayed as a particularly old-fashioned sort, which at times feels like Moffat commenting on the fans who are resistant to the incoming Thirteenth Doctor who is... gasp... a woman.

The main character of "Doctor Who" is a member of alien race called the Time Lords whose members must periodically take on a new form.

However, as the pair started squabbling over the state of the TARDIS and what they looked like now, the TARDIS was dragged to the Chamber of the Dead.

Peter Capaldi has bowed out of the role, which he has been playing since 2013. The show was watched live by 5.7 million people. This may be the essence of Bill rather than the "actual" Bill, but allowing her to see the Doctor off properly, and he her, is much more satisfying. But they're never really gone, are they?

"It's not an evil plan!"

This episode is a regeneration episode - everyone knows that going in, so I was wondering how Steven Moffat would choose to handle it.

In the regeneration clip, we see the Twelfth Doctor during his final emotion-packed moments, doing his last lap around the Tardis and officially abdicating his duties.

He then wished his new pals farewell as he chose to die alone in the galaxy.

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I've cried at every single Doctor's regeneration - at Nine's "You were fantastic. Whatever happens now, it has to be alone".

Say goodbye to the Doctor and hello to the Doctor. "Well, I suppose one more lifetime won't kill anyone. well, except me".

As he prepares for the regeneration, the Doctor told his new self: "Never be cruel, never be cowardly, and never ever eat pears! Be kind. Doctor, I let you go!"

Jenna Coleman makes a brief appearance.

"The new Doctor always becomes your favourite and the one that goes... well, he never really goes".

Social media users have praised the actor's thoughtful gesture towards the young fan.

Australian Whovians can rewatch this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special on ABC iview.