Rep. Trent Franks, Who Said Gay Marriage Will Destroy America, to Quit

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Rep. Trent Franks, a conservative Republican, is expected to resign amid news of sexually inappropriate behavior, according to a recent report.

He was expected to make a statement Thursday; the aide was not authorized to discuss the matter before Franks' announcement.

"The statement will explain", he said.

Leaving the House floor Thursday, Franks did not confirm or deny those plans, telling reporters he would put out a statement later in the day.

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Franks sits on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Armed Services committee. Biggs said he would not comment until Franks announced his plans.

Franks is a congressman from Arizona's 8th district.

He closely considered a run for Senate in 2012, dropping out suddenly in a manner that fueled speculation in Arizona political circles about a potential issues with his personal life. He is now serving his eighth term in the United States Congress. Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the race Solid Republican.

"There's been rumors swirling around him for years, at least in 2012", the Republican source told Roll Call.