Priyank's girlfriend Divya exposes him and Puneesh is happy

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She is seen ordering the housemates. Akash Dadlani tells her to not order and irritate him. While giving a back massage to Priyank, Hina tells Hiten Tejwani, "Dekh tel ke saath nahi karungi, camera pe ganda lagega".

As a part of luxury budget task this week, the housemates will be asked to freeze and release at regular intervals and the task's name is "Statue". Priyank was still in statue position and could not move since he wasn't allowed to. This task would test the contestants' patience and will power.

All this while, whenever Hina found herself in trouble with her actions in the Bigg Boss house, it has been Rocky, who stood up for her and fought her haters. He keeps him cheering up that its okay to make mistakes in life. Divya will enter the house to meet Priyank to reprimand him for his behavior, but she will mellow down after coming face to face with him. As soon as Bigg Boss frees other housemates, they greet Puneesh's father. Someone's mother, other's father or someone's boyfriend, each and every member of the house will get to witness some happy moments in the house and one of those contestant will be Hina Khan. Interestingly, Arshi's father even got confused between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde as well. She even apologised to everyone on Shilpa's behalf. Bigg Boss frees Arshi, who introduces Hiten to his father.

Not only this, he also told Arshi to change her hairstyle now, may be tie her hair in a pony which will give her an all new look. He also asks her to respect Salman and to call him "Salman sahab or Salman sir". Arshi said that she won't forgive Shilpa for this. She misbehaves with Shilpa.

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When the next alarm rings, Puneesh, Vikas and Luv proceed towards the parking lot followed by Hiten, who was inside the house. Tears fell from his eyes and Divya continued wiping them as she spoke. As Bigg Boss frees Shilpa, she takes her mother to the kitchen. In a sharp contrast, Hina has sportsmanship and in the last episode, too, she congratulated Arshi on becoming the captain. She thanked Vikas, before leaving the house. The contestants understood by this task that their family and friends were about to enter the house! She even warned Akash she would slap him if he did it again. "You don't need anyone, you are enough for yourself", she adds. He said that Divya and he had broken up even before he entered the show! An emotional Priyank kept calling out for his (Ex) girlfriend.

Vikas gets irritated with Priyank's behaviour. He tries to manipulate Luv and fills his ears against Hina.

When Hina asked Priyank about his girlfriend, the latter made a rather shocking revelation.

Hina tells Priyank that he is having all these trouble as he is not able to stick to one girl. She kneels down and asks Priyank, "Remember me?" She complained to Priyank that he seems to be a completelydifferent person in the house.