Fortnite Battle Royale's new gametype is an ambitious 50v50 mode

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The rules are same and the only difference is that this time around you jump into the battlefield with your TEAM/Friends. Sadly, it's going to be cycled out it seems, as the mode is billed as a "limited time" addition through Sunday December 17.

Fortnite is turning into a massive action game (or MAG) with the introduction of a mode that will enable two teams of 50 players to fight against one another in its Battle Royale game type. Don't miss the chance, hurry up.

Epic Games promises that it won't sell items to give anyone a competitive advantage in Battle Royale, either.

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According to the figure shared by Epic Games at The Game Awards 2017, there are 1.3 Million concurrent players and a total of 30 million players worldwide.

Battle Royale's previous limited event, Fortnitemares, had a Halloween theme and lasted for just over a month in the fall.

The team also notes that Battle Royale will include squads, available on launch day, and that it's working on improving the feel of "combat, controls, weapons, movement and inventory".