Five Killed In Guatemala Christmas Tree Horror

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The annual Toledo-Tama Kiwanis' Christmas tree sale has begun.

Demand had been growing for Northwest-grown firs in Mexico, and the USA had a surplus. Relatively speaking, these are the big sellers, and it's the size with which growers can get the most money per acre.

Besides helping the local economy, buying a farm-grown natural Christmas tree has other benefits.

Now, state officials are anxious that their gains could become a casualty of President Donald Trump's decision to reopen the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). If the USA ends up withdrawing from the agreement, as Trump has threatened, it could result in Mexico imposing a retaliatory tariff on the US and pivoting to Canadian suppliers. Sprinkling or misting the tree with water will also help retain freshness, but the tree should not be soaked. Withdrawing from NAFTA "would be devastating to USA agriculture and the US economy".

Spokesman Mario Cruz said one of the victims accidentally touched an overhead power line which caused electricity to surge through the metal-framed tree killing the five victims.

For many, Will Martin reflected, the trip to the tree farm is an annual pilgrimage which spans generations.

However, if you're ducking to Bunnings Fyshwick for a sausage sanga this weekend you can head to the nursery section and grab a pine tree in a pot for about $60.

Snow said she is thankful to her loyal customers who come every year. In one of his first acts as president, Trump pulled the USA out of that agreement.

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If you're in the market for a Christmas tree this year, you're going to be running into the effects of an economic quirk that'll make the purchase a bit more expensive than it might have been otherwise.

If NAFTA is scuttled, it would leave each country to set tariffs on imports. "We can not grow real Christmas trees quickly".

Gareth Gill, eBay Sales Coordinator said: 'We couldn't believe it - we sell the occasional pink tree each Christmas, but could never have predicted a complete sell out of such an unusual item!'

Test for freshness: Are the needles hard to pull off of the tree?

The seeing fewer ready-to-harvest Christmas trees this season after planting fewer seedlings following the 2007 financial crisis, and also after two years of drought, she said. At "choose and cut" farms, trees are chosen where they are growing in the field and then cut for use. This is the seventh year she's been selling Christmas trees. According to him, the Mexican government has "made the industry in the USA jump through a few hoops" to export there.

Of the 8 million Christmas trees sold in Canada each year, about 1.6 million are imported from the United States, Brennan said.

"We just sleep here and function for a month", Guyette said. "They might not be to everyone's taste, but there has definitely been an increase in demand for them this Christmas". "That all comes down and all the Christmas stuff comes out", Dennis said.