Firewatch Developer's Next Game Is In the Valley of Gods

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Revealed during The Game Awards 2017, the next game by Campo Santo (Firewatch) was given a gorgeous-looking announcement trailer.

It appears to be a first-person adventure game that takes place in a 20th century Egypt, given the equipment the characters use. Like the studio's previous title, Firewatch, In the Valley of Gods looks as though it'll be visually striking with lush warm colors. Though no dialogue was heard in the above trailer, we see that you play as one of two female explorers travelling through an ancient Egyptian temple.

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It's not planned for release until 2019. Currently, In the Valley of Gods is only confirmed to be releasing on PC, and will hit that platform in 2019. In the Valley of the Gods looks to be another stylish narrative adventure, this time set in an old-school pulpy desert expedition. Just like with Firewatch, follow our progress here on the blog and our Twitter account for the latest news and behind-the-scenes development.