Pokemon GO's New Updates To Make Seismic Changes To Gameplay

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The latest update for Pokemon GO will go live later this week with 50 Pokemon from generation three.

The main games have had weather dynamics before, but it's all digital - you're not actually out in the rain for hours to capture that Pokemon you really want.

The new weather system, though? The kind of weather user experiences will also affect which Pokemon are likely to be discovered. Depending on the weather, you may come across different Pokemon, some may have increased combat power, and you can even earn additional in-game Stardust to spend on in-app purchases. Now, players' characters can play in the rain or in the snow, or any weather influenced by real-time climate like sunny, foggy, cloudy, or windy.

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Weather near players will impact Pokemon in a variety of ways and some attacks will be more effective during certain conditions.

While discussing the just announced new features with IGN, Niantic marketing lead Archit Bhargava noted that there were still plans to bring trading and PvP into Pokemon Go, but not immediately. All of the Hoenn starters like Mudkip, Torchic and Treeco along with their evolutions join up the roster.

However, Niantic is not going to reveal these individuals all at once. In the first week, Gen 3 Fire Pokemon will be unveiled, to be followed by Grass Pokemon, and so on and so forth. If gamers happen to get the new creatures quickly, they will start to ask for more. Similarly, PvP battles are also still planned for the game, but it's anyone's guess as to when they will finally be added.