Late-night hosts poke fun at Trump's slurred speech

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We do know that had this been any other American president, whose speech slurred inexplicably towards the end of a public appearance, there would be immediate public speculation about his health, and immediate demands for the White House to explain the incident the president experienced today. Trump released some details about his health ahead of last year's election in response to pressure after his personal physician had declared he would be the "healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".

In Trump's speech making the announcement, he seemed to have a bit of a struggle with the words, and some people wondered if he had dentures that were falling out.

"I say forget the Mueller investigation, bring on the molar investigation".

Trump closed his address with a familiar phrase, "and God bless the United States". But leaving aside geopolitics, something quite disturbing happened during Trump's speech, as noted by many commentators and late-night hosts.

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"What the hell was going on there?!.It seemed like someone hit him with a blow dart right before he made the speech". President Trump is wearing dentures, people.

Noah added: "Oh man!" He said there's no shame in having dentures, but, "there is shame in Donald Trump having dentures".

Noah said that if people tweeted the hashtag #DentureDonald, it would upset Trump because he is vain. "Whether it's courage or they changed their mind, I can't tell you", Trump said, portraying himself as daring to fulfill a promise that previous presidents have shied away from.

Noah then wondered if he was being mean, and if it was really that bad of a mess-up on Trump's part.