Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon sued for sexual harassment by employee

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Moon, 61, is now the color commentator for Seahawks games on the team's radio network.

Though Moon has been accused of sexual misconduct and domestic abuse before, this is the first time he has gone under the spotlight in the post-Weinstein era of hyper-awareness towards powerful men sexually harassing and assaulting women. It names Moon and his company, Sports 1 Marketing, as defendants.

Haskell has asked for a jury trial against Moon, who now works for the Seahawks' official radio network.

Originally reported by The Washington Post, Haskell's lawsuit claims Moon, 61, required the plaintiff to wear certain types of underwear and share a bed with him on business trips.

While Haskell, 32, declined to comment on the pending lawsuit, her attorney, Diana Fitzgerald, said Haskell never went to the police with her accusations against Moon because she "was scared" and seeking to "further her career in the sports marketing industry".

In 1984, Moon took his talents to the National Football League where he played parts of 17 seasons with teams in Houston, Minnesota, Seattle and Kansas City. He was forced to spend the first six years of his career in the Canadian Football League reportedly because of a league-wide bias against black quarterbacks; Moon was told he would be better off playing another position at first.

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Moon has had legal trouble following incidents involving women in the past.

Moon was sued for sexual harassment by a cheerleader 20 years ago, when he played for the Vikings.

Moon was accused of striking his then wife, Felicia Moon, on the head with an open hand and choking her to the point that she nearly lost consciousness before she escaped from the couple's home in July 1995. He was acquitted in that case after his wife said she provoked him, though court records dug up during the course of that trial found that she'd previously filed a restraining order against him and contended he attacked her three times.

Moon co-founded Sports 1 Marketing in 2010 and serves as its president. The couple has been divorced since 2001.

A California woman has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment and battery against former Edmonton Eskimos star quarterback Warren Moon.