Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes the new captain of the house

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Vikas convinced Puneesh to ensure that he won the task. Arshi asks Vikas to save her doll, and Vikas says he will make it reach the top three. While Luv is trying to explain the situation, Priyank seems to be in no mood to listen.

After the task ended, Priyank was upset with Vikas that he chose Arshi over him and they had another fight over who could have changed the stakes. Bandagi told that her relationship with Puneesh is true. The task's second half will be continued tomorrow. Shilpa doesn't manages to park the pram on time, and since she had Priyank's doll, he gets out of the captaincy race.

In the last episode, Luv and Priyank were seen talking to each other where the former said that the way Salman Khan is appreciating Shilpa Shinde every weekend, is bothering Hina. Priyank abused Luv, and he lost his temper. Hina says that he can not go since the alarm will ring any moment. Vikas asked her to stop and not ruin his relations with Hiten. Hina tells Luv that Hiten doesn't have a spine and follows Vikas' orders. She calls him Vikas's tail.

There is also a parking lot in the garden area, where the housemates have to reach.

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Meanwhile, housemates plot to block the roads to the parking area when the buzzer rings. In a video which is now viral on the internet, Akash is forcibly kissing Shilpa near her lips. Yes!

The preview of the next episode reveals that tonight, Hiten and Hina are going to lock horns over the captaincy task.

While others in the house would have become friends, just to show the world that they are the forgiving kind, Shilpa won't fake friendship. At 8pm, the buzzer rings again and everyone runs to park the prams. This is an accomplishment for her, as she's often cited as the most playful contestant in the house, who is always teasing Hiten Tejwani and fighting with Hina, but has now proved her worth. Priyank then tells Arshi that he wants to see Vikas' game-plan. Akash Dadlani calls Hiten a "loser". And Shilpa asks, "Will you save Puneesh during nomination if you become the captain?" The third alarm After getting into an argument, Akash tells Hiten he will not take him forward in the game. Puneesh tells Vikas and Hiten that Shilpa has taken immunity for him from Priyank. Hiten gets mad at him and retaliates.