NY flight to Seattle forced to make emergency potty break

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A direct Delta flight from New York City to Seattle on Saturday night made an unplanned stop in Billings for what several passengers considered an emergency - a potty break.

We've all been there: Needing to "go really bad", without a toilet in sight. The plane then taxied over to an area where the planes usually go to park and advised that there were a couple of passengers that "needed to find a lavatory very urgently".

Ground crews then rolled a stairway to the plane so passengers could disembark and relieve themselves of "built-up pressures".

Once on the ground, the pilots escorted the passengers to the terminals where they could answer nature's call in peace and dignity while the toilets were repaired inside the plane.

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And so the plane took a left turn in the skies above Montana, flying hundreds of miles south before landing at Billings Logan International Airport around 6 p.m. Relief was not immediate, however.

They were allowed to get back on the plane and continued to Seattle after the toilets were fixed, Kevin Ploehn, the Billings director of aviation and transit, told the Gazette.

On a good day, the coast-to-coast flight can take about six hours. "That can't be very pleasant".

And in 2015, a British Airways flight to Dubai returned to Heathrow after around 30 minutes due to pungent odours from an overflowing toilet.