How many minutes of music have you listened to in 2017?

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Check out your personalised year in music 2017 according to Spotiy. They're calling it 2017 Wrapped this time around, but the song remains the same: Spotify rounds up all your listening data from the past year to break down top songs, albums, and artists.

Your top songs and artists.

How many minutes of music you have listened to throughout the year.

You will be treated to a wealth of knowledge about your listening habits throughout the year including exactly how many minutes of music you have streamed on the app for the entire year.

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To reveal your own choices, you just have to visit: and connect to your Spotify account - then your top tunes of 2017 will be revealed in festive, animated glory.

Check out 2017 Wrapped here, and share the handy image summarising your 2017 music taste, if you dare. It asks for your top artists, top song, and top genre.

Spotify released its annual "your year in music" feature today.

Spotify wrapped tells me I explored 16 different genres, but pop came out on top probably due to the unhealthy amount of Eurovision songs I listen to. Ed Sheeran is the most streamed musician in the world with 47 million listeners each month while Rihanna was the most streamed female artist.