Google adds more photos and related searches to Featured Snippets results

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Searches might surface data from your email, past purchases, and more. So, in an effort to make it easier for people to learn new things, the Mountain View-based company has updated its Search app with expanded snippets, improved Knowledge Panels and advanced suggested content.

Today, Google is adding new features to search to help you discover more content.

Having added the "related searches" feature nearly a decade ago, Search today is able to do much more than it was originally catered towards.

Featured Snippets are algorithmically-generated highlights of what's available on the web. While getting you accurate answers to your questions is still important to Google, getting this information to you in a more timely fashion is also something that the search giant is constantly working on.

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Previously, Google Search might have displayed a text article relating to the topic, or maybe an image. For instance, if you search about skiing, Google will provide you with related searches for sports including snowboarding right inside the result. The feature already exists on search is now made more expansive with detailed answers to queries along with relevant images and related topics.

Of the updates, the most novel is that now, when users search for multiple terms related to a topic, Google will identify the topic and offer related searches. If you request a Google Search on Neymar followed by a search for Messi, you will find some other players appearing on the top of the results page, such as Ronaldo and Suarez.

Google is currently rolling out the new improvements, so they should start showing in your Search app any time now.