Gmail gets iPhone X support and a big new feature

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The latest smartphone OS data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that "in the three months ending October 2017, iOS share fell in key markets, making clear the impact of the flagship iPhone X not being available to buy in the month of October".

APPLE HAS SEEN its share of the smartphone market shrink in the United Kingdom due to the late release of the iPhone X.

Android gained percentage points across markets up 4.3% in Europe, 8.2% in the US, and 7.5% in Japan.

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These gains were felt across the globe, with Android claiming 82.3 per cent of the market in China, 83.2 per cent in Germany and 85 per cent in Italy.

Urban China was a bright spot for Apple as iOS market share edged up 0.5 percentage points to 17.4 percent.

While there is debate over whether the display on iPhone X is aesthetically pleasing, what is probably more concerning is that lack of apps that take full advantage of it. This was the period when Android handset manufacturers enjoyed a large amount of traction, with an 8.2 percent increase in mobile sales, while Windows Mobile sales continued to drop. A 4.4 percent hike in Spain, from a microscopic previous share of 7.9 percent, and small French and Italian dips helped Cupertino keep the EU5 region's overall plunge at a not-so-terrible 2.1 percent level. "Considering the complete overhaul that the iPhone X offers, consumers may be postponing their purchase decisions until they can test the iPhone X and decide whether the higher price, compared to the iPhone 8, is worth the premium to them".