Astronauts make, fling, float, eat pizzas on space station

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Drop in conversation with the head of the ISS program, kirk Chairmana that he really misses national food, Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli did not expect such a surprise.

"Since the ISS is completely enclosed, the microbes inside the station come from the people on the ISS and the supplies sent to them", Coil said.

Included on the craft were prepackaged crusts, a squeeze bottle full of pizza sauce, spreadable cheese and toppings including olives and pepperoni.

Because everything in microgravity floats, the astronauts were careful to tether things down while slapping ingredients onto their pizza.

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Paolo Nespoli‏, an Italian astronaut who's now orbiting our planet aboard the International Space Station, missed pizza so much that he boldly brought it up to his boss during a live streamed public event. Nespoli, in orbit since July, declared the pizza "unexpectedly delicious".

Astronauts, like Kjell Lindgren and Brit Tim Peake, share incredible photographs taken from space. Kelly's remarkable voyage is detailed in his new memoir, Endurance: A Year in Space, a Lifetime of Discovery, an exhilarating saga that looks forward to the future of spaceflight-including an eventual mission to Mars.

Once heated, they throw the pizzas to each other like frisbees before eating them. Today he has safely returned to Earth. The crew, he said in a tweet, "had a blast channeling our inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night".

Not the first time Italian astronaut prepares in the conditions of weightlessness.