'Pokemon Go' EX Raid feature officially launches

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Stardust and Premium Raid Passes are given as consolation when an EX Raid is canceled. Aside from officially launching "Exclusive Raids", the developers also announced a few changes it came with, along with some minor changes when it comes to criteria and rewards. There will now be two different ways to get invited to an EX raid for your chance to capture Mewtwo - being a frequent visitor of the selected gym with a high level badge there (regardless of how recently you've raided) should now sort you out, and people with a high rate of attending raids will also receive invites.

The headline changes are that Ex Raids will now primarily take place at sponsored locations and at Gyms found in parks. When an EX Raid Battle is canceled, "Pokemon GO" players will receive an in-game notification.

Niantic explained that beta tester feedback from the EX Raid Battle's private field test influenced these changes.

Pokémon Go's raids are going to be improved, including the loot you get from them. Now Niantic has unveiled a slew of updates which thankfully won't require a full patch, but tweak the overall gameplay and bring Magikarp back to Tier 1 raids.

However, the feature was considered in a "field test" phase, in order for the developers to accumulate proper feedback about the said feature and to integrate the necessary changes they needed to apply before fully installing the feature in the game. Although there will be a drop in the number of revives and potions awarded to trainers for successfully completing raid battles, their quality will become better.

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Trainers will now receive Golden Razz Berries for completing Raid Battles.

The likelihood of receiving Fast and Charged Technical Machines for completing a Tier 3 or higher Raid Battle has increased.

Developer Comments: We want Trainers to walk away from Raid Battles feeling like they've earned some wonderful rewards, even if the Raid Boss flees.

Trainers will now receive Stardust for participating in a Raid Battle, whether they win or lose.

Niantic pointed out the updated rewards as the most crucial and requested among these updates. "Pokemon Go" loyalists took potshots at the game's raid system, specifically EX Raids since it seemed to favor some players and locations; however, these changes are likely to amend the game's rundown reputation. With these improvements, Niantic says that Pokemon trainers who are more dedicated in playing the game and have invested a lot of time won't have to worry about participating in Raid Battles.