Bought a cheap ticket on British Airways? Congratulations. You board last

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"Group boarding simplifies the process, making it easier for customers to understand the boarding sequence at the gate", British Airways said in an internal newsletter, quoted by the Times of London.

Under the new "group boarding" system, which will be introduced from December 12, passengers will be assigned a number between one and five when they check in.

And it looks like British Airways is the latest airline to take the "pay more, board first" policy to heart.

Although passengers with mobility issues or who are travelling with young children will still be able to board ahead of everyone else. Meanwhile, Gold members of the Club Europe, British Airways Executive Club or any first-class passengers will have top priority with the new system. Even if you're not paying four-figures for first-class travel that starts with a luxury vehicle pickup, airlines are selling all passengers perks like earlier-boarding, a shorter security line, or one-day airport lounge access.

Group Three - Passengers in World Traveller Plus (BA's premium economy) as well as Bronze members of the Executive Club. Critics of the new system claimed that the boarding was nonsense no matter how airlines set it up. Finally, group five is made up of people who purchased the cheapest fares, typically ones with no checked baggage allowances. "I paid less than all you suckers", one person said.

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"What happens if you got it free with frequent flyer points?"

While you can pay for priority boarding or a fast track in the security check queue, if you're paying basic economy fares you'd usually be boarding according to seat numbers from front to back-now that's going to be graded too and it's going to be even crazier to get that overhead bin.

The queue you stand in before you board a flight will now clearly call out how much you've paid for your ticket.

A spokesperson for British Airways recently said the airline was trying to "improve the customer journey by creating a number of groups to speed up the process", adding that "this method has been used by airlines around the world for a number of years, including by our partners American Airlines, Iberia and Qatar".