World's first human head transplant carried out

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Controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero claims he's carried out the world's first successful human head transplant, albeit on a corpse.

Several dozen surgeons will work with Canavero as he will simultaneously sever the spinal chords of the donor (body) and recipient (head) with a diamond blade, in what is expected to be a 24-hour procedure.

But not everyone is convinced Professor Canavero could actually ever achieve a successful head transplant.

Prof Canavero, said: "The first human transplant on human cadavers has been done". The donor will be the healthy body of a brain-dead patient matched for build with a recipient's disease-free head.

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"And that is the final step for the formal head transplant for a medical condition which is imminent", said Canavero, who has gained a mix of fame and notoriety for his Frankenstein-like pursuits.

He made the claims at a conference in Vienna but did not give any proof of having carried out the path-breaking surgery. The paper will be released in a few days.

We're not sure who the patient is going to be after disabled Russian man Valery Spiridonov, 31, said it was unlikely to him after he was initially announced as the likely patient. Everyone said it was impossible. "The first human head transplant, in the human mode, has been realised".

The team in China who carried out the operation had past year successfully grafted a head onto the body of a monkey. Scientists have warned that the first patient could undergo something "a lot worse than death", for instance, warning that the patient would undergo horrific suffering as they adjusted to their new body.