These Tories Are Furious With The Telegraph For Calling Them "Brexit Mutineers"

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However many MPs have criticised the newspaper for labelling them "Brexit mutineers".

A host of MPs (and many others) were quick to condemn the Daily Telegraph for branding Brexit rebels "mutineers" on its front page.

The Telegraph claimed at least 15 Tory MPs are ready to side with Labour and fight against the date of Brexit being enshrined in law.

MPs had their first chance to scrutinise the EU withdrawal bill, which would formally end Britain's membership of the European Union and transfer four decades of EU legislation into United Kingdom law.

But there have been hundreds of suggestions by MPs to change the way it is worded and the government only has a majority with the help of the 10 Democratic Unionist MPs.

Grieve told MPs that no amount of "arm twisting" would make him vote for the amendment, which was debated but will not be voted upon until next month at the earliest.

"It's not about frustrating Brexit, it's about getting the best economic deal for this country", he added.

How MPs could vote on the EU bill
These Tories Are Furious With The Telegraph For Calling Them "Brexit Mutineers"

He tweeted: "I regret any media attempts to divide our party".

However, government ministers were quick to disavow the front page, insisting that they did not want their party to be divided by the media and that they were working constructively with those Tories seeking improvements to the European Union withdrawal bill.

Several of those named hit back at the headline on Twitter.

It was a "blatant piece of bullying that goes to the very heart of democracy", although she said she viewed it as a "badge of honour".

MPs began eight days of detailed scrutiny of the bill on Tuesday evening, with ministers seeing off the first attempts to change the legislation.

Clarke said: "It is quite unnecessary to actually close down our options as severely as we are with this amendment when we don't know yet [what will happen in the Brexit talks], when it is perfectly possible that there is a mutually beneficial, European and British, need to keep the negotiations going for a time longer to get them settled".

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