City council members to vote on 'cat declawing' ban Monday evening

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The city of Denver officially banned the practice of cat declawing during Monday night's council meeting.

A bill to ban cat declawing in #Denver was given final approval by City Council.

Kirsten Butler, a veterinary technician, said she no longer participates in the procedures.

Many veterinarians offer elective declawing in suburban Denver.

The ban outlaws the procedure in Denver unless a surgery was medically necessary.

Dr. Casara Andre told the council last week that while she opposes declawing as a routine procedure, it can be performed in a way that leaves the pet pain-free and improves the pet-family bond.

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Alternatives to declawing include regular trimming of cat's claws, stable scratching posts around the home, soft plastic caps for the cat's nails and a special tape that can deter cats from scratching furniture.

But vets say they want the option to do so in case it's a health issue with the pet owner.

"Onychectomy is an amputation and should be regarded as a major surgery", according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Bans also are common in other countries, including Australia, Israel, Brazil, Japan and across much of Europe.

Some argued before city council that the ban would take away options for cat owners.

Denver is the first city outside of California to enforce a declawing ban.