Amazon Music app adds Chromecast support

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However, Amazon seems to be raising the white flag by adding the Chromecast support into its Prime Music app.

To make things worse, Google launched Chrome-based notebooks with Google Assistant support and smart Android TVs with similar settings for users to trigger the voice command feature. They have now updated the app that supports your devices to make it easier for you to find and maybe cast on a larger screen that pop culture content that you want to share with your loved ones.

Among other updates, Google recently installed an update enabling users with Google Assistant to broadcast messages via Google Home, thus helping the latter double up as an intercom system within one's residence or office. As they said, it doesn't just look different, but it also has "new smarts" with this latest update. The listing reads: "Chromecast Support: You can now select music on your Android device, and have the music play on your Chromecast enabled devices".

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There's a cold war happening between Amazon and Google. The two companies have butted heads in the past, the conflict going back as far as two years ago when Amazon removed all Chromecasts from its store.

After making the debut with Pixel (1 gen) phones in 2016, the search engine giant's much-hyped Google Assistant made its way to third-party branded Android phones in the first quarter of 2017 and later introduced it to Apple iOS devices, but sadly it never made it to the big-screen Android tablets.

Finding movies and TV shows to watch and music to listen to probably isn't your main goal for having the Google Home smart speaker, but it is probably one of the most used features. Although it arrived without Google Cast support, hopefully that's only a matter of time now.