Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon avatar costumes now available

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Game Freak has decided that it's wise to treat Ultra Sun and Moon as an absolute culmination of the Pokemon series as a whole, as the new instalment is set to push the handheld to its absolute limits.

What's interesting is that these new Alola region avatar items aren't even the first cosmetics from the Sun and Moon games that have been added to Pokemon GO. Still, while there are new clothes for Pokemon Go gamer's outfits, player's are advised not to expect secret additions of Alolan Pokemon. To celebrate the launch of the new Pokemon movie this summer, Pokemon Go released a variant version of Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's original baseball cap. They're made to remind the user that there are other Pokemon games out in the universe, new games, games that they should also be buying as soon as they can.

Pokemon Go has stepped up its synergy with the rest of the Pokemon franchise this year. Based on Pokemon Go's current timeline of adding two sets of Pokemon per year, we might not get to the "Gen 7" Pokemon seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon until 2019.

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The Move Tutor was missing in Pokemon Sun and Moon which left a lot of fans frustrated.

Ultra Sun and Ultra moon will be released on Friday 17th November for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.