Tiff with Uber driver costs Texas prosecutor her job

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On November 13, Faith Johnson, the Criminal District Attorney for Dallas County, Texas, announced in a press release that she was firing Jody Warner as a result of the incident.

Platt told me earlier it wasn't his intention for her to be fired, but he did feel like she should at least apologize. Platt added that she told him, "Who are they going to believe?"

Warner said at one point, "I think this might be a kidnapping", so Platt chose to pull over. "Jesus Christ, you're an [expletive] idiot in a stupid [expletive] hat". That was just the start of the alleged tirade, which occurred after Platt picked up Warner, 32, at a bar in Old East Dallas on November 10, 2017. The driver repeats that he asked her politely to get out of his vehicle. "Platt said it escalated after Warner told him to change directions from the route his Global Positioning System directed him to go and he got lost". "You're kidnapping me. You're committing a third- to first-degree felony, so do you want to take me home?".

Platt asked the woman to leave the auto several times, but she continued to insult Platt and insist he drive her home.

"No, it is because there was an Uber that had a destination and you have not taken me to that destination".

Platt says Warner's behavior escalated to verbal and even physical abuse. "I'm a district attorney".

Warner did, however, say that Platt made "some accusations against me that are not true". Just take me home.

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Warner then allegedly threatened Platt, saying he was "never going to work again" and that she "knows people". She also says she is an assistant district attorney, and that he's kidnapping her because he didn't take her to her requested destination. However, Platt is heard telling her she is free to leave and even asks her to leave the vehicle.

"After careful consideration and a thorough investigation, I have chose to terminate Ms. Warner", Johnson said in a statement, according to the New York Post. No criminal charges have been filed. "You are a legitimate retard", a woman, identified as Warner by The Dallas Morning News, can be heard saying on an audio recording Platt posted to Facebook.

"I said, 'Nope, that's it, ' and I pulled over on the side of the road", Platt said. I will not waiver on my expectation of the highest integrity for myself or my staff.

A former Dallas County prosecutor came to Ms Warner's defence on Twitter, urging the public not to rush to judgment.

Warner worked in the district attorney's office for six years before getting her walking papers.

She says she felt uncomfortable with the route the driver was taking and went into "fight or flight" mode, saying her years of prosecuting sexual assault cases may have put her on edge or more sensitive than most. Platt was the driver who arrived. "I'm not proud of it", Warner stated, adding that there is no excuse for talking to other people that way. It should also be noted that Frizell is campaigning to replace Johnson as the next Dallas County District Attorney.

According to Crowdrise, Jody Warner, of Dallas, was part of a fundraising effort to raise money for Alzheimer's research. "I'm sure she's a good person when she's sober".