Nintendo's Mario Brothers To Be Turned Into a Movie

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Universal's Illumination Entertainment is nearing a deal with Nintendo to make an animated feature based on the popular Super Mario Bros. videogame, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The WSJ says the two companies have been speaking about the prospect for a year but that a deal is now "close" to being signed.

According to industry heads, Illumination has been in talks with Nintendo for over a year. It's also been rumored that they've collaborated on projects in the past that didn't necessarily come to fruition. The Journal previously reported that a live-action Legend of Zelda series was being developed by Nintendo for Netflix.

It does make sense that Nintendo would pursue these avenues given that they reportedly have an interest in getting back into multimedia productions.

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Once upon a time, Nintendo chose to roll the dice on a big-budget Hollywood adaptation of Super Mario Bros.

If the deal goes through, it will mark the first major feature-length film for Nintendo since the 1993 live-action movie, which starred Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper, outside of the ongoing Pokémon franchise. Despite numerous efforts, pretty much all attempts at bringing games to the big screen have entirely fallen flat.

How do you feel about a new Super Mario movie? While we can't quite fathom what the film's plot will be about, we're going to bet that this theoretical movie will at least be visually pleasing.