Jordin Sparks Is Pregnant And Married!

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This is her now: Jordin Sparks, who accepted months ago that life as a single woman seemed to be her destiny, has reavealed she got secretly married this summer and is expecting her first child. She just confirmed to People that not only did she marry boyfriend Dana Isaiah back in July, but the newlyweds also have a baby on the way!

Sparks shared her excitement to People and her husband's urge to reveal the news.

"We're both really excited", Sparks told People. He's been like, "I want to shout it from the mountain tops!' We're really proud to be married to each other and to be celebrating this".

But after talking nearly every day for about a month, the two grew feelings for each other. It wasn't like, "We want you guys to date.'" Sure, Dana, whatever you say. Later, both of their mothers connected them through a group chat with the hopes of Sparks convincing her future lover not to move to the west coast. She revealed, "It's been really insane because everything changes".

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Sparks initially met Isaiah's family when her campaign, I'm M.A.D., Are You?, launched an event in Houston during this year's Super Bowl weekend. Isaiah flew to April and met Sparks for the first time. She gushed, "A couple days after we had actually met, I was like in my head, 'That's going to be my husband!"

However, the pregnancy news came as a massive surprise to the couple, with Jordin admitting of the moment she found out was "terrifying". "I'd never spent time together with someone of the opposite sex that I'd immediately felt 100 percent comfortable with - it was a little wake-up call for me, I was like, 'I think this is how I'm supposed to feel... no, I know this is how I'm supposed to feel".

She added, "I'm extremely grateful because life is nuts". "This is the best part so far because I have (Dana) and I have this little one and I have a new family".