IPhone X Notch Removing App Is Now Available On The App Store

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Those who forked out big dollars and were hoping for a perfectly rectangular display made it no secret they were frustrated by the "ugly" black bar at the top of the phone, which houses all the technology behind the advanced front-screen camera and facial recognition ID.

Don't like the notch that appears on the top of the iPhone X's display? In essence, this app doesn't actually remove the notch, rather, it simply makes it invisible by placing a dark bar across images. It's hardly surprising that Axiem Systems and Cromulent Labs developed Notch Remover and Notcho respectively, but we'll admit to being a little bewildered by their approval and App Store publishing. Notcho is free to download, but all of the wallpapers you use with have a "Notcho" watermark on them unless you pay $1.99 to have it removed via in-app purchase. It won't change the way that apps function or the way that videos look on your iPhone X, but if you're desperate to see less of the notch, it's probably your best option at the moment. Notcho comes with 11 pre-set wallpaper selections, but also offers users the opportunity to create their own custom notch-free wallpaper.

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Interestingly, an app of this nature is seemingly forbidden by Apple's developer guidelines for the iPhone X, and yet Apple opted to approve it anyway.

"Don't mask or call special attention to key display features". I couldn't find any confirmation, but it seems like this app would only apply to the home screen and lock screen.