GameStop "Temporarily Pauses" its PowerPass Used Game Lending Service

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GameStop's all-you-can-eat subscription to used games has been suspended, apparently over concerns with how the aging computer systems in the company's 7,000 stores can handle and track checkouts.

The program, which was set to roll out on November 19, was going to be available exclusively for PowerUp Rewards members. The retail chain told employees yesterday to pull down all signage involving the program and store it in their backrooms, according to two GameStop staff.

But according to a report from Kotaku, just days before the service's full launch on November 19th, GameStop has chose to "temporarily pause" the roll out of the new service. This essentially turned GameStop into a kind of library where you can pay to take out any games you want to play.

GameStop's game subscription service is here, aaaand it's gone.

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GameStop's upcoming PowerPass used games subscription service hasn't even been officially launched yet, and it has already hit a pothole. However, by not announcing a reinstatement date for PowerPass (and by being ambiguous about why it was paused in the first place), GameStop has raised a few red flags. At the end of the six months, customers would be allowed to keep one of the games they had rented during that timespan.

Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now.

For now, buying games at GameStop requires old-fashioned monetary exchange. Customers who got in on the soft-launch are being offered full refunds, plus their choice of a used game as a make-good for taking down the service. It is unclear when the program will return to GameStop for the public, if ever.