Blizzard is planning an Xbox One X update for Overwatch

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The most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made is being launched with a handful of titles that have been updated to take advantage of its unmatched power.

So there you go - Overwatch is going to look even better on Xbox One X soon enough.

"The team is now exploring how the game experience can be enhanced on this platform to leverage the console's incredible hardware, and is working on implementing 4K resolution in the game on Xbox One X", a company representative told Windows Central. The game makes use of the now ubiquitous dynamic resolution technique, but Digital Foundry's recent analysis pointed out that Diablo III on Xbox One X stays at native 4K resolution most of the time, whereas that rarely happens on PlayStation 4 Pro. A large number of Xbox One games that have been looking forward to the console will likely be doing similar things, upgrading their games to be both playable on the Xbox One X, and also to be able to look good while doing so.

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Until Blizzard itself decides to divulge more information, all fans can do is guess as to when they will see Overwatch's Xbox One X enhancements and whether or not it will be bundled with some of the other bigger content updates in store for the game. If Blizzard can also implement HDR at some point down the line, Overwatch will look stunning on Xbox One X with its vibrant and vivid colors.

Lots of other video games have Xbox One X enhancements.

While there's no guarantee that the new character and new map will come with the enhancements, hopefully they'll either all come out together or will come out shortly after the Xbox One X enhancements.