Adam Driver has not been told to keep mum about 'Star Wars'

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It's been confirmed by Lucasfilm that Rian Johnson is helming a new Star Wars trilogy. And that's very much still the case after today's all-new IMAX poster.

I think it would be more interesting if they had more than one person be a Jedi - but I think that that is the one of the unspoken laws of Star Wars. This time around, it is Hamill's brooding Luke Skywalker who reigns supreme, while Rey can be seen sporting a attractive, blood-red cloak. In the meantime, the Resistance is planning a great battle against the First Order.

"I went to her house and we talked about [psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl] Jung because my dad loves Jung, and we were talking about dreams, and I left and got super emotional, not because she's famous, but because she's incredible".

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Four days after it surfaced on the internet, this spot has still not been posted to the official Star Wars YouTube channel, so it's unclear where it came from or if/when it will air on television.

Hamill has clearly been having a ball in the lead-up to the "Last Jedi" premiere, toying with spoilerphobes by tweeting lots of cryptic things about Luke Skywalker, especially the character's foreshadowed connection to the Dark Side of the Force. Rian Johnson's sci-fi sequel will naturally look best on the IMAX screen, as the director called upon the large-screen format when filming a number of The Last Jedi's key scenes - not unlike how J.J. Abrams incorporated IMAX into the intense Millennium Falcon sequence that took place on Jakku.