Wolfenstein 2 DLC Release Dates Revealed

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Now that Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is out for the masses, Bethesda has set its sights on what's to come for the game, and has released a post-launch roadmap for the game to detail it's Freedom Chronicles DLC.

Episode Zero introduces the three characters, each of whom will be starring in their own DLC story. According to Bethesda, Episodes 1-3 will release starting next month and finish up in March 2018. We've known what the season pass entailed for a while now, but not we know precisely how everything's lined up. The first pack is entitled "The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe" which will be available to download on 14th December and is set to feature some space action. In this case, the DLC may be worth the price of admission, as Bethesda is promising that the various expansions will add more than nine hours of play time to the already-expansive single-player offerings of the core game. They're Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant, and Gerald Wilkins. These include The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe on 14 December, The Diaries of Agent Silent Death on 30 January, and finally The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins in March next year. Captain Gerald Wilkins is the star of this one, as he heads to Alaska to dismantle Operation Black Sun.

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The Freedom Chronicles Season Pass is available now for $24.99. All the DLC can also be purchased separately.

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