Facebook is trying to take on Yelp, but Yelp shouldn't panic yet

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Hardly a day goes by when Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) does not come up with something new.

Facebook Local product manager Aditya Koolwal told TechCrunch that the app will not feature advertising for businesses, at least not at first, but depending on how successful Local is at getting customers in the door, the app may not need it. I'm still a little unclear on why Local needs to exist as a standalone app - other than the fact that the flagship Facebook app is so choked with features that most of what's inside of Local rarely if ever surfaces.

Given the capabilities of Facebook Local, some users may be thinking whether the app is really necessary.

You can also recommend places you've been so your friends can see them, and respond to Facebook event invites through the app. It will also help the company penetrate further into uses' offline activities.

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Facebook Inc. had high hopes past year when it launched Events, a standalone app aimed at making it easier for users to find things to do in their local communities. Facebook Local is available in the USA starting today on Android and iOS. The app, which listed happenings around town, was not a hit. The two apps share some code, so enhancements done on Facebook Local through usage such as searches will also be applied on the main Facebook app. Facebook Local could also convince business to make more investments into their Facebook Pages, create Facebook Events, and further provide more information to the social network.

The second section of Facebook Local contains a map and a search engine.

Most of this information is already in the Facebook app that is likely already on your phone. Koolwal, however, said that ads could be a possibility in the future, but users can enjoy the app's ad-free state for now. Users can also leave reviews on individual pages.