Microsoft reportedly tests a Courier-like folding digital notebook

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Now the WC reports that Microsoft is actually still continuing the work, and that the folding tablet is heading to the market in 2018.

Microsoft's Courier hardware was a mysterious device that never made it to consumers, but left a big impression on fans who saw the leaked concept videos. Windows Central's sources claim that the notebook can also replace your phone with built-in cellular support. Microsoft has tried many times over the years to adapt Windows for new devices like the Surface RT or ultra-mobile PCs, but the software has often been lacking.

So, what exactly is this Andromeda device and why should you care?

The foldable tablet would still be able to make phone calls but will reportedly run Microsoft's CShell adaptable Windows 10 user interface and Windows Core OS, rather than Windows 10 Mobile, and is code-named Andromeda.

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I'm told the device puts pen and inking at the very forefront, with some prototypes opening up into a notebook app that's tied to OneNote, with support for your usual inking options via Windows Ink.

Microsoft is also reportedly working on a dedicated notebook app for the device, that is said to mimic writing like a real notebook. Windows Central reports that the Courier-like hardware could be released as early as next year. Following the disinterest of consumers, Microsoft and its partners quickly abandoned the OS, which is now no longer supported.

The handset would run on ARM chips, not Intel processors, meaning that Qualcomm's Snapdragon systems-on-a-chip (SoC) would be the likeliest candidates for one of Andromeda's main components. It isn't hard to imagine this device being marketed as a digital journal for those in the enterprise or in schools.