GTA V single-player DLC isn't necessary: Rockstar

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Not that any hope existed for GTA V single-player DLC, but what did remain is now all but gone with Sarwar's comments. As it turns out, that support (or lack thereof) wasn't a conscious decision: it was just the way things turned out.

"With GTA 5", Sarwar states, "the single-player game was absolutely massive and very, very complete".

Rockstar Games has always been known as one of the best in the business at not just delivering top-of-the-line games but also mastering the finer details that put their games on a level very few ever achieve. The next-gen versions took a year of everyone's time to get right, then GTA Online had a lot of potential, but to come close to realizing that potential also sucked up a lot of resources. Sarwar also points to the "other games" that Rockstar has in development, with Red Dead Redemption 2 being singled out. According to Sarwar, a single-player expansion simply isn't necessary, but Rockstar isn't ruling out the concept for future games.

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Even before we knew about Red Dead Redemption 2 being in the works, it was widely known that something was being developed (well, somethings, really). It seems the enormous profitability of the multiplayer component has prevented that from happening. "For those ready to jump back into the story of Grand Theft Auto V, we have big plans for substantial additions in 2014 continuing Michael, Franklin and Trevor's action, mayhem and unexpected adventures in Southern San Andreas", Rockstar said in a post on the Rockstar website in 2013. Why hasn't GTA V received any story expansions? Not everything is always possible, but we still love single-player open-world games more than anything.

With any luck, we'll get similar exceptional expansion content from Rockstar in the future. After all, why would you cannibalise an already-engaged audience by releasing individualistic content that is at odds with the online, multiplayer nature of the mode keeping the game in the charts? "With both GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, we sold DLC and unfortunately both times, it fractured the audience and helped to kill the games much faster than they deserved".

Well, there you have it folks - one of the longest standing questions that has plagued the GTA 5 fandom has been answered.