Goons shouting ''Jai Shree Ram'' wreck Padmavati rangoli made in 48 hours

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The vandals destroyed a Padmavati rangoli which was made in about 48 hours! After the trailer of the film released, a lot of people were left wondering what inspired Bhansali to create something as grand as the film. Things turned turbulent on many occasions for Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer movie.

According to a report, something happened on the sets of Padmavati and due to this, the makers were forced to stop the shoot of the film. Everyone knows how hard it has been for Sanjay Leela Bhansali to work on this project.

This is not the first instance that the film is facing threats as few days earlier, Rajput Karni army, an organization of Rajput community, burned the poster and threatened to release the film.

In yet another controversy that took place on 16th October, the magnificent Rangoli of the poster of Padmavati built inside a mall in Gujarat's Surat was ruined people.

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Describing the horrific episode, Karan tweeted that a group of 100 protesters destroyed the rangoli shouting "Jai Shree Ram". He tagged actor Ranveer Singh and wrote: "Padmavati Rangoli Controversy!"

In March, some miscreants broke the mirrors in Padmini Mahal (palace) in Chittorgarh Fort where Ala-ud-din Khilji is believed to have seen Rani Padmavati or Padmini.

The Karni Sena claimed that they have got a big library and that in no book is it written that Alauddin Khilji, a powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate in 13th-14th century, fell in love with Padmavati or that he was her lover.

The film releases on 1 December.