Mobile cuts LTE roaming in Canada and Mexico to 5GB

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T-Mobile provides usage breakdowns on its website so you can see exactly how this new setup will affect you if you do travel out of the country and use LTE while overseas, and if you're part of that one-percent that uses more than 5GB of data while visiting Mexico or Canada, you can purchase T-Mobile's ONE Plus International add-on for $25 extra per line per month to keep your unlimited LTE when in these two countries. Subscribers, however, need to pay $25 for getting unlimited LTE by subscribing to T-Mobile's ONE Plus International.

The change from unlimited LTE in Mexico and Canada to 5GB/month is not a fun one.

T-Mobile subscribers on ONE Plus, Simple Choice and Legacy plans will be affected by the change of plans. Customers on that unlimited plan and many of T-Mobile's other plans had access to data in other countries baked in if they needed it. T-Mobile added a perk called "Mobile Without Borders" back in 2015 that allowed anyone with a ONE or ONE Plus plan to use full-speed LTE data while roaming in Canada or Mexico. While 5GB is a healthy amount for a short trip, it's still going to change your behavior - you may end up using hotel WiFi when you can instead of relying exclusively on cellular data. After that you'll be throttled to 256kbps connection with ONE Plus and 128kbps with ONE, BGR reports.

Starting in November, there will be a new limit added to the carrier's T-Mobile ONE and T-Mobile ONE Plus plans. All the same, this does limit T-Mobile's appeal to jetsetters.

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For example, if you have 4GB high-speed data total and you use 2GB in the U.S., you have another 2 GB high-speed data to use in Mexico and Canada. The change comes into effect on November 12, 2017.

If you are on a high-speed plan with 10GB data per month, you will get only 4GB data. Also, the capped plan users would not be able to use the leftover data in Canada or Mexico, but it will be carried forward.

If you run out of data, the speed will be reduced to as low as 128 Kbps.