I should replace Sunil Gulati as US Soccer president

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Arena's contract was set to run through July, after the World Cup.

He was hired last winter to replace Jurgen Klinsmann, the 2014 World Cup coach who was sacked after losing the first two final-round qualifiers.

Among others to call for change is New York Cosmos chairman Rocco Commisso, whose league is in a legal fight with U.S. Soccer.

For Donovan and other stewards of the game in the United States, who are suddenly struggling to process how the American team played its way out of the field for next summer's World Cup in Russian Federation, the situation might also be classified as a necessary event.

He added: "Why do people think U.S. Soccer is in charge of player development?"

With fingers pointing at anyone connected to the men's national team, Sunil Gulati, the president of the sport's national federation, is under pressure now.

But a nightmare scenario came to fruition for the usa, as Bruce Arena's side fell to T&T while Panama earned a 2-1 win over Costa Rica - partially thanks to a controversial "ghost goal" - and Honduras recorded a 3-2 victory against Mexico.

The seasoned manager who has made his way around Europe has coached at some of the largest clubs in the world including Juventus, AC Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and most recently, Bayern Munich.

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Ramos started his career with the national team as a player in 1988.

"Look at the two goals we conceded: How freaky", he said. Scouts weren't coming to this area and chances are, we might have lost out on Pulisic if his father wasn't a pro player himself and was able to open the doors to get Christian to where he needed to be to be the star he now is.

That is four years from now, over 1,000 days from now, and it is just crushing. "I can't look anywhere else except inside our team". "You can say I could've played this guy, that guy, and then you'd come back the next day if we had lost and said, 'Why did you make those changes and play those guys?'"

The country's brightest star, Christian Pulisic, won't get a chance to play on the big stage until he's 23, at least. "There's no finger-pointing or excuses; it's all on us".

In the end, just a point would have done it.

"We knew we were behind the eight-ball since last November". He has been president since 2006 and was a key figure in U.S. Soccer for many previous years.

Instead, Bruce Arena and his players will be watching the tournament from the couch at home. Their options have been limited by the national program's struggles to develop anything resembling a next generation to supplant mainstays such as Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley and Tim Howard.

For one thing, US Soccer has been bragging about this $100 million surplus they have obtained and while this isn't as sexy as a brand new headquarters in Los Angeles, I would spend a portion of the money on making it free to take coaching classes and obtain licenses and hire more scouts. Because developing Canadian talent also helps MLS and they're in this as much as the United States is. It's hard for even world class talent to overcome being asked to play in a back three for the first time without being adequately trained in the system, as Klinsmann had the USMNT do against Mexico. On a broader level, they claim that Gulati hasn't done enough to make the top tiers of youth soccer more affordable, which affects the longstanding development issues.